Friday, July 8, 2011

The Man I Hope to Be

I was looking through my old livejournal and found this post from 2005. This is the man I still hope to be one day!

Protection and real Love come from within the man. It's in the way he says your name. It's in the way he calls you to make sure you're home safe and sound. It's in the way he protects your reputation when you're not around. It's in the way he prefers you in any given situation without you having to constantly ask him to choose you. It's in the way he looks in your eyes, assuring you that his eyes fall on you alone. It's in the way he wars for you in prayer. It's in the way he leads you when you're emotionally spinning out and he steps in and says, "No, we're not going down that path any longer. This is the way out of this. Follow me." It's in the way that he knows what your favorite things are and surprises you with them for no reason. It's in the way he tells you he loves you when you're yelling at him. It's in the way he values all you've shared of yourself by honoring you in the hardest of moments. It's in the way he is willing to do whatever it will take to change himself in order to offer you a better man than the one you fell in love with. It's in the way he not only dreams with you, but dreams for you, on your behalf. It's in the way he not only wants more for your life, but puts action to that desire to help bring it to pass.

This is the sort of man that will make you feel protected. This is the type of man who will always make you feel loved. This is the kind of man who is worthy of such a fierce love in return.

When you can offer a girl this sort of man-in-the-making, you can believe that she will find you to be the most gorgeous thing she's ever laid eyes on. Whether you are tall or short, built or skinny, handsome or average, she will see beauty in you. She will see the man you desire to become even as you try to become that man and she will cheer you on with a conviction and joy reserved only for you. Your name will be the only name on her lips, the only passion in her heart, the only desire in her life.

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